Egg scandal: Which egg products have been withdrawn from Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda and Waitrose

Ilinca Tanase
By Ilinca Tanase august 11, 2017 17:37

Egg scandal: Which egg products have been withdrawn from Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda and Waitrose

EGG SCANDAL – Eleven countries, including the United Kingdom, recently reported to the European Commission about detecting traces of a pesticide called Fipronil in imported eggs. Yesterday the Food Standards Agency (FSA) revealed that the nearly 700,000 bad eggs have been tracked in the UK. Previous estimates put the number at 21,000.

The Food Standards Agency said the number of contaminated eggs estimated to have reached the UK was far higher than the 21,000 first supposed, and that egg salads from Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda, sandwiches from Morrisons, and sandwich fillers from Waitrose had been withdrawn.

The European commission said on Monday that British food safety authorities had been alerted over the weekend that eggs imported from Germany could be dangerous. Officials in France, Sweden and Switzerland were also informed of a risk to consumers.

The contamination scare became public on 1 August when it was revealed that tests had established that fipronil, which is banned across the EU from use in the production of foodstuffs, had found its way into the food chain.

Exposure to fipronil can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches and dizziness. Long-term exposure to large quantities can cause thyroid, liver and kidney damage, and can even lead to seizures.

The FSA’s list of products, with pack size and use-by dates:

By Sainsbury’s ham and egg salad – 240g – 9-14 August.
By Sainsbury’s potato and egg salad – 300g – 9-14 August.
Morrison’s potato and egg salad – 250g – 13 August.
Morrisons egg and cress sandwich – sold in Morrisons Cafe only – 11 August.
Morrisons Cafe sandwich selection – sold in Morrisons Cafe only – 11 August.
Waitrose free-range egg mayonnaise deli filler – 240g – 13-16 August.
Waitrose free-range reduced fat egg mayonnaise deli filler – 170g – 14 August.
Waitrose free-range egg and bacon deli filler – 170g – 14-16 August.
Asda Baby potato and free-range egg salad – 270g – 9-14 August.
Asda spinach and free-range egg snack pot – 110g – 9-13 August.
Asda FTG ham and cheddar ploughman’s salad bowl – 320g – 9-13 August.

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