Weather: UK faces most-powerful north Atlantic storm as Hurricane to SMASH Britain

Lucy Ionesco
By Lucy Ionesco octombrie 1, 2019 19:15

Weather: UK faces most-powerful north Atlantic storm as Hurricane to SMASH Britain

Flood warnings are in place across the UK with some regions expected to see as much as two weeks of rain in less than an hour, the Met Office says. Wales, central and southern England could experience power cuts, road closures and flooding, it added in a yellow warning. 

Britain is on alert for the worst storm since spring to batter the nation with gale-force winds and torrential downpours. Ex-Hurricane Lorenzo is on course to smash the UK this week with swathes of the country facing 60mph gusts and flooding. The storm, the strongest ever to hit this far north in the Atlantic, will deliver the most powerful hammering since Hannah hit Britain in April. Lorenzo, which has been downgraded from a category-five hurricane to category-2, is currently unleashing 100mph winds on its path towards the UK.

Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall said: “We are potentially looking at the most wet and windy period of weather since Storm Hannah which was the last named storm to hit the UK in April.

“The main impact will be from Thursday, and while there is still uncertainty, the most likely scenario is that Lorenzo will go through its extra-tropical phase before tracking west and along the north-west coast of the UK bringing a swathe of gales and heavy rain to western areas.

Meanwhile on the Isle of Man, a major incident has been declared as floods left people trapped in their homes. Police there are warning residents not to travel on the roads.

The Environment Agency has issued dozens of flood warnings and alerts across England amid regional disruption. It also warned of floods caused by a coastal surge in Cornwall.

People were told to leave caravans and seaside properties in the county on Tuesday morning and not to return until it is safe to do so.

After bringing as much as 40 to 50mm of rain in a couple of hours in some places, the downpours are expected to die down on Tuesday night. Further heavy rain and wind could hit the UK on Thursday.

Worcestershire was one place that experienced torrential rainfall, with the fire and rescue service issuing a warning to drivers after a car was submerged in floods.

In the north of England, heavy rain overnight meant a number of roads were flooded in Cumbria and a landslide on the rail line between Carlisle and Newcastle disrupted train services.

Flooding on the Cumbria Coast line between Carlisle and Maryport saw cancellations on Northern services from Carlisle to Barrow and onwards.

However, fears of a coastal surge in Hunstanton, west Norfolk, were abated after lower-than-expected wind levels. 

On the Isle of Man, police have told residents not to travel as floods have caused disruption to roads. Police added that people trapped inside homes should „go upstairs and await rescue”.



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